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The Power of Gems
Gems, called ‘Nature’s Store House of energy', transmit certain powerful cosmic rays, which combat the negative & destructive vibrations of planets which are unfavorable in a person’s horoscope, and increase the flow of positive and constructive vibrations by strengthening  favorable planets, which might otherwise be weak in the horoscope.

Gems have the power and energy to increase one's mental abilities & psychic powers, bring immense good luck & fortune, eradicate problems & remove hurdles in all major areas like Marriage, Career, Business, Education, Wealth etc. Gems have Spiritual healing and curative powers. 

Gems for Wish-fulfillment
Your Lucky Gem can change your future ! It can bring you immense luck and fortune, wealth & prosperity, health, happiness & peace of mind and anything else you may desire. 

A real precious Gem Stone, when worn continuously, emanates power and energy, which gets merged with the Cosmic Radiations and forms a protective aura around the body, which combats unfavorable negative vibrations from external sources, and escalates flow of favorable positive vibrations, creating the right circumstances, situations & opportunities essential for achievement of aims & objectives, and fulfilment of desires.

Gems increase Psychic powers, offer solutions to problems and hurdles related to Finance, Business, Career, Success, Love, Marriage, Education, Happiness, Peace of Mind, Spirituality etc.

How to get maximum benefit from Gems - Precautions 
Since Gems are so powerful, they should be chosen very carefully & meticulously, since the wrong Gem Stone could prove more harmful than useful. Gems should be worn only after expert Astrological Consultation & thorough analysis of your Horoscope.

The prescribed Gem should have the right weight & quality, be set in the right metal, and worn on the appropriate day, at the right time, on the correct  finger, after being washed in holy water, purified with incense and other prescribed rituals. 

Gems, under no circumstances, should be removed from the body, if they have been worn for astrological benefit, since they instantly loose their positive effect, which might have taken months to accumulate.  

Types of Gems & their Uses

Procure Gems

Your Lucky Gem


Types of Gems and their Uses

Procure Gems

Your Lucky Gem



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