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Important Vaastu Tips

Importance of Vaastu according to Direction
The Astrological aspects of house construction are covered under 'Hora Shastra', which recognizes eight directions instead of four. 

The study and practice of these important tips ensures peace, prosperity and Divine Blessings on the Dweller.

he East

Sun, the head of the solar galaxy has been allotted governance of the eastern direction. It is imperative that the rays of this soul-signifying planet should fall inside the house. If sunís rays do not properly illuminate the house, there will impediments both to the progress of the family as well as its progeny. That is why the ancestors have given the prime of place to the eastern door.

Sun has as his enemies Venus and Dragonís Head. As Saturn is Sunís son, the relationship is medium. Accordingly if (Sun + Venus) the kitchen is located to the east of the house, the housewife will suffer from bilious complaints and nervous debility and uterine disorders. There will be influx of money to the family to a large extent. But, the housewife will have least happiness though she commands all comforts.

Sun + Dragonís Head : If there is lumber room in the eastern direction in which discarded materials are stacked, the owner of the house will meet with unnatural death failing which he will suffer from some malign disease. Even if the eastern walls including window panes are dilapidated the same bad effects are indicated.

If there is the coupleís bedroom to the east, the wife will be of an angry mood. If there is dining room to the east the owner of the house will have to face difficulties in achieving progress. There will be medium good effects. If there is the granary to the east it is indicated that the head of the family will have to travel a lot. If there is family cash box in the east it will ensure auspicious effects.

If there is a prayer room to the east, it ensures auspicious effects. The owner will be given to Divine contemplation and will attain name and fame. Like this we have to predict taking into consideration the planetary mutual friendship and enmities and the directions governed by them.

South East

The God of fire is the presiding deity for this direction and Venus rules over this direction. As Venus is both governing planet for wife and husband, there will be complete independence for the wife in kitchen having the fire (Fire is the significator of Energy and power ruled by planet Mars) and this is highly significant astrologically.

But in the direction of South East, being ruled by Venus, if there is large accumulation of food articles being ruled by planet Moon or if there is too much storage of water there in the form of the installation of an overhead water tank, the housewife as also her daughter will suffer from ill health and will get bad name unnecessarily or the household expenditure will far exceed the family income and invariably the owner will have to incur debts.

The God of Death is the presiding Deity for this direction and Mars is the governing Planet. It is therefore proper that bedroom should be located here. Husband governing planet Mars and Wife governing Venus are both friendly to each other. It is as though the kitchen is the house of exaltation for Mars and the intensity of fire will be maximum. By this even Venus can join in the bedroom. But the husband and wife sleeping together in the kitchen where Venus (wife governing planet) is the governing planet is not conducive. In such of the houses where Kitchen and bedroom are one and the same, the couple will experience lot of mental unrest (fire). The husband will be given to fits of anger and the wife will have to face the brunt of his attack, failing which the husband will suffer from loss of strength and weakness.

If the cash or cosmetic articles are kept in the South direction, there will not be efflux of income. If the inmates of the house take their meals in the bedroom located in the South direction of the house, they will have to face ill health and suffer from laziness. If they take their meals actually sitting on the beds it is said that they will have to face poverty and ill health. If there is a storage room in which food articles are stored in the South, there will be misunderstandings, disputes and quarrels amongst brothers.

If old and discarded materials, big tubs, copper vessels, iron bars, wooden articles etc. are stored in the bed room, it is indicated that one of the house ownerís brother will have to face and overcome difficulties and dangers. Though the house owner talks with haughtiness, he will be powerless and there will be an atmosphere of unrest (Mars + Dragonís Head), in the family. Further the house owner will have to face difficulties again and again.

Even if in the bedroom there is collection of food grains, food products and attached bathroom, there will be ill health to daughters as also for the husband and wife. The house-wife will have to face ill health, mental unrest etc. and the husband will also suffer from lack of mental peace. He will be always fickle in nature (Mars + Moon).

If money is kept in the bed room of the couple, there will be medium good effect (Mars + Venus + Mercury). It will also apply to the storage of ornaments, money, silver and gold. But the North direction is highly auspicious for storing wealth.  

Either having Godís idol in the bedroom or sleeping in the prayer room indicates stubbornness, anger and emotional upsets to the house owner. Even if the bedroom is to East of the house, effects such as loss of progeny ill health to spouse are indicated.

South West
For this direction the Dragonís Head is the governing planet. If the main door is facing this direction the house owner will have mental upsets as also many kinds of ill health in the family. However much he earns it will not suffice to meet the family requirements and further if there is a well in this direction with dilapidated walls, there will be visitations by the spirits of the dead. If there is kitchen over here, the wife will be highly romantic. If the bedroom, the wife will have rheumatic ailments and there will also be monetary income through illegal means and if the dining room, the inmates will have eye defects, gastric derangements and the food materials of the house will be dirty and insipid.

If food grains are stored here, there will be troubles due to insects and food stuffs will lack nutrition. However much the house owner earns it will not suffice and his mother will suffer from windy and cold complaints. Further his mind will be beset with delusion.

If money and costly articles, ornaments, gold etc., are stored in this direction, these will have been acquired by deception, illegal means etc.. If there is a storage of water in the adjoining room, it indicates that the youngest brother, sister or daughter, one of them will travel to distant places and settle down there. Further, there will be troubles on account of disembodied spirits and one of the family members will be possessed by ghosts and harassed by evil spirits. Money will be wasted or it will be lost due to treachery. If the prayer room is located in this direction the owner of the house will suffer from gastric disturbances and he will be extremely greedy.

For this direction profession ruling planet Saturn and God Neptune will be presiding deities. It is said that the location of dining room in this direction is auspicious.

If the main door is located here, it indicates that the head of the family has come up in life with great difficulty and that he ekes out his livelihood by physical labour of a strenuous nature. However he will always be dedicated to his duty and being duty conscious will suffer at the hands of others many many times, including harassment and also blackmail.

If the kitchen is located in this direction the affairs of the household will be conducted by the housewife and the family derives happiness through daughters. But often there will be slight bickering in the family.

If  bedroom is located in this direction, the head of the family will have harassments in his professional field, breaks and as a consequence there will be cuts in the family income and he will have to suffer constantly financial troubles thereby.

If old and discarded materials, dilapidated windows and doors, broken walls are located in this direction, the tenants of the house are extremely slow and lack a sense of discretion and commonsense. Further the family income will be through deception and fraud. The head of the family will have a profession related to the wicked branch of shadow play, wheel traffic etc. and there will be constant disputes and blames in the family.

If there is storage of food grains in this direction, the inmates of the family will thrive in the profession of travel agency, commercial deals etc. the head of the family is wise but accidentally succumbs to female attraction even when he is having his wife. Though the head of the family appears as though he is ignorant he is basically an intelligent person and prospers in life by wide scale traveling.

If money, ornaments and dress materials are stored in this direction, there will be medium auspicious effects and the head of the household will prosper with difficulty in the trade line with the hearty cooperation of friends of both sexes. His gain and loss financially will be both slow process.

If  the prayer room is located in this direction, the family head is given to Divine contemplation and is a preacher of religion but extremely greedy. He suffers from rheumatism and gastric derangements. If the bathroom is located in this direction, the family earning will be through great difficulty and as a rule the household expenditure far exceeds the income. Through he is a family man, he will be of a detached mentality given to renunciation of worldly pleasures.

North West
For this direction Moon and God of Wind are the presiding deities. If the main door is located in this direction the head of the household will have lot of travelling to do and he will be romantic. Though he is a person of prestige he will have so many blameworthy traits of character, with deception and fraud he acts as a great man and earns thereby falsehoods.

If the kitchen is located here, the head of the family will have breaks in family happiness and the housewife is fickle minded. The head of the family will be romantic and befriend other women. His daughter will have uterine disorders and she will also get bad name.

If there is bedroom here, there will be constant bickering and quarrels. One of the house owners brothers will reside in a distant place. If old and discarded materials are stored here, the family head will incur the enmity of others. There will be visitations by the spirits of the dead, mental unrest for him including mental derangement. His mother will suffer from wind and cold. The householder will have come from a different place and will have resided in the present place of residence.

If the dining room is located in this direction, it will be now and again difficult o make both ends meet, the family income being least and the head of the household will face situations where he will have to resort to falsehood. He prospers in life in a profession related to travel, food articles, art etc. However much he earns will not be enough to balance the family budget and he will have to incur debts and suffer the harassments of moneylenders. 

Storage of food grains in this direction gives rise to auspicious effects. If the prayer room is located here, the household will have the highly auspicious combination of ďGajakesari YogaĒ. The head of the household will have shifted to the present place of residence from different direction, having interest in consuming such food delicacies as milk, curd, ghee etc, fond of travel, but lacks mental stability. He incurs bad name on account of his relationship with women.

he North

This direction will have as its presiding deity the planet Mercury having the significance of Lord Vishnu and  Mammon the Lord of Wealth. If the main door is to this direction, the family head will be intelligent and will earn his living by business dealings or by the dint of his intellectual acumen. He will also have the good fortune of unearthing hoarded treasure.

If the kitchen is located here, the housewife is intelligent affectionate. Even the husband is intelligent, the female progeny are learned and the family head will have easy means of earning and prosperity. If the bedroom is located here, it will mean unrest. If in this North direction old and discarded materials are stored, there will be loss of happiness for his brothers and his youngest brother will have to face mental derangement in addition.

If the dining room is located in this direction, the head of the household will earn his livelihood through trade or by easy means of profession.

If in this direction there is storage of food grains as well, it means that the family head is intelligent, romantic and by this he gets bad name on account of his friendship with people of both sexes. Further, it is said that there will be defect regarding his wife and progeny. It is very fortunate and auspicious to store family wealth, dress materials, gold and silver ornaments etc. here.

If there is prayer room here, the head of the family or his youngest brother and sister are educated and will versed in different subjects. 

The North E

For this direction Jupiter and Dragonís Tail (Ketu), Lord Easwara are the presiding Deities. It is fortunate to have the main door located here and there will be family prosperity ensured. More than money the head of the family will be given to Divine Contemplation. One of the sons of the family is well versed in different aspects of Divine Contemplation and will earn high honour, respect and prestige in society. He will shine as an outstanding genius so it is stated.

The location of the kitchen here will ensure medium auspicious effects. But the family female elder, wife, eldest daughter, eldest daughter-in-law are given to Divine Contemplation. Each one is fortunate, service minded, it is so said.

The bedroom being located here or the kindling of fire in this direction will mean that the family head is hasty and given to emotional upsets. One of his brothers is head of an organization and independent so it is stated.

If old and discarded material are stored here, it indicates that the inmates of the house are atheists having no belief and trust in elders and God, suffer from rheumatic complaints and often there is the likelihood of spirits of the dead coming and haunting the house.

If there is dining room in this direction, it means that the tenants of the house are well versed in religion, and pious natured.

If in this direction there is storage of things well, it means that the head of the family is fond of travel and that the maternal forebears are of a religious and charitable disposition.

If there is storage of money, gold ornaments etc., in this direction, it indicates that the house owner is intelligent, educated and that one of the female progeny of the family is an outstanding genius and highly popular.

The location of prayer room, well and bathroom in this direction will ensure auspicious results to the family members as also their longevity, good health, good fortunate and peace of mind.



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